How to preserve your Wedding Bouquet

Picking your wedding day flowers can be very sentimental and quite costly so why not have your bouquet preserved to give it an extra life span for you to enjoy those beautiful memories for a little longer!
We have researched a few different options to help you save those blooms and if you keep scrolling we have some images to give you some ideas if you want to get a little creative! 
Image source Instagram-@ninteen.flowerbar 
Air Drying 
This is the most traditional and straight forward way to have your flowers last a little longer! you will need to hang your bouquet upside down in a well ventilated warm area for a week or two. expect to lose some colour.

Image source Instagram - @just_for_my_little_love 

 Silica gel

This is easily achieved at home and you can purchase some at you local Bunnings store. Get a large air tight container and layer a base of the silica gel at the bottom then place your flowers in. Then fill the container up to the top and seal it tightly with the lid, after a week or two your flowers will be dried out.

Image source Instagram - @rosita_flowers 


If you just want some extra life with your flowers this is a great option, and will last 4-6 months. you will need paraffin wax and your can find this at Spotlight or most candle stores will sell it.

place the wax in some boiling water to melt it until the mixture turns smooth, turn the heat down to cool it but still keep it warm and very carefully dip the flowers in and hang them upside down (You might want to put some newspaper or something similar down to avoid any mess). This process will give your flowers a wax coating that will keep them in good condition for a few months. 


Image source Instagram @herbaristashop


This is more of an old-fashioned way of preserving your bouquet. This is done by placing the flowers from your bouquet between two sheets of parchment paper then placing them between the pages of a book (or between two individual books) and placing a heavy object on top to press it down. After you have pressed the flowers, there are many ways you can display them.  You could glue them into your wedding guestbook, turn them into sentimental ornaments, place them under a glass table top, frame them on the wall or even turn them into candles or bath soaps: the list is nearly endless!


Image source Etsy store- Myflowersforever

Epoxy resin:

we are obsessed with epoxy resin preserved flowers. To do this, you will need some epoxy resin and a cube shaped mould (you can buy both online from places like the Art Shed) fill the cube/mould up to around halfway. Take the flowers from the bouquet you want to preserve and arrange them in whatever way you prefer. After they’ve been arranged, fill the rest of the epoxy resin to the top and let it dry. When you finally take the mould off, you’ll end up with a beautifully shaped arrangement of flowers inside a shape that’ll last and look amazing.


what ever you decide to do make sure you are prepared and if you don't have time to preserve your flowers after the wedding get in touch with your florist prior to your day 

 keep your flowers out of direct sunlight or it’ll rapidly speed up any fading process your bouquet might go through.

Here are some beautiful ideas for some inspiration


 Epoxy resin coasters by My flowers forever

Keepsake by Perfect little box

Framed flowers with photo by Pink nova floral

Picture frame by Fraeuleinmama 

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