About Jacara Bridal

When most women think of their wedding day, the pursuit of finding the perfect dress often overrides all else. This is how it all started... On March the 10th 2016 Jacinta Cara's Husband dropped down on one knee and asked the question "Will you marry Me" From that moment on she was designing away, hours and hours of sewing was all worth it (With her Creative Mother along side helping), she fell so in love with designing and making her own wedding dress after her big day came by she couldn't stop to think about making other brides as happy as she was! she had been contacted a week after her wedding to design another Gown. She entered the industry at a very young age after studying her Advanced Diploma she worked for two major Bridal companies on the Gold Coast followed by years of then teaching the Advanced Diploma along side her own teacher. After more then 15 years of designing and sewing, helping hundreds of brides perfect their gowns, a bridal designer award during her studies...she decided to take the plunge herself and start a bridal collection.